Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Road to Relationship

The seed of relationship was sown even before the first forbidden fruit was plucked from the knowledge tree. The necessity of companionship was realised when the first man was seen walking in the garden of paradise in a melancholy frame of mind. Then the world saw its first relation blooming in the Garden of Eden when Eve stood beside her male companion—Adam. And then as they say the rest is history.
In the history of human civilization we have witnessed many adrenaline driven events sparked due to the cause of relationship; either in the form of betrayal or sacrificing the ultimate treasure of life. Be it the destruction of the Roman empire due to infidelity of Helen or dying of Jude for his love in Thomas Hardy’s “Jude the Obscure” or immortalising the love of an emperor for his beloved queen in the form of constructing an architectural wonder as a leitmotif of love “The Taj Mahal”—we find many such examples where human relation has influenced the course of history and mainstream life. Umpteen numbers of dramatists, playwrights, novelists captured the essence of relationships in their respective protagonists and represented in variegated colours of human emotions.
Nevertheless, modern-day-corporate executives and money minded intellectual hypocrites are still baffled how it is plausible for someone to die for his/her companion just for the sake of emotional bonding. Well the answer is not so simple. Human emotion is a complex chemistry to comprehend. To know the answer, first we need to understand the importance of being in relationship and more importantly how to remain in that relation for rest of our life. Every single relation that we practice in our neo-civilised society is hanging by a single delicate thread—trust. And this trust is derived form the fact how much we are committed to a particular relationship. It is practised over a period of time. You can not announce that you trust your partner in a dozens of dates or mutual togetherness. Like I said it has to be practised. It has to be proved. But the best part is that if you are sincere about your relationship you don’t have to run an extra mile. Trust will follow you and kiss your relation.
Another important factor in any relationship is mutual understanding. It is an independent but the most important factor for smooth sailing of your relation. Unfortunately unlike trust it can not be practised. You either have it or absolutely not. There are couples who understand each other from day zero and also I have experienced people who, even after spending years together do not understand what their companion needs. There can not be any grey region in it. A relation without understanding is like the Church without “The Bible”. So make sure your relation does not suffer from the lack of understanding. The greatest plight is that misunderstanding will slowly debilitate your trust that you practised so hard to build over a period of time and ultimately shatter your relation and ruin your life. Don’t let an independent factor to destroy the warmth you have for your companion deep inside your heart.
Relationship, a sentimental attachment blended with emotional bonding, is a divine gift designed only for human beings. We are not like other animals who meet only during seasonal mating. Ours is more complex in nature as human emotion is involved in it. In case your relation is strained for some reason and you as an independent and self-sufficient individual decided to walk out of that—think again. Think with your brain and listen to your heart. May be the moments of togetherness still reverberates there. Try to listen to that.
There are other aspects of relationship which is beyond the scope of discussion in this article. However, the same will be discussed in the successive publication. Till then keep on loving and keep smiling.

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