Thursday, December 25, 2014

Moments I Lost My Youth

A moment came and stole my youth
The time when fantasy fabricated
Life with colours so fascinating;
A life was lived with little rationale
And I pledged my spirit risking everything;
When fear had no name and
Flowers need no reason to blossom within,

In my youth
Once I saw a flower dancing in the desert
I touched its petals knowing it’s not a mirage
And heard it saying—
I lived long waiting for you to arrive and
Could offer only my fragrance I preserved
The petals fell off and lay near its root on the desert.
And in a moment I lost my youth.

We walked along across the river
Holding each other nearer,
Swans swam in its water and she sobbed
For the last time we met;
Tears sparkled in my eyes too and her face
Became blurred and another memory was born
And within a moment I lost my youth.

We raised a glass or two in the tavern
With roasted beans spilled all over,
And hovering thoughts of future
Came rushing there— the busy years set in
I and my mate never met after,
Now we both live but not for each other;
The glass once raised is now broken
And the seat in that tavern is now taken
By a new story brewing henceforth

And in a moment I lost my youth.
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